Markham Heritage Wines is located at 15 Heritage Rd., Unit 1 & 2 in Markham, Ontario. It has been open since 1993. The owner, Jennifer Arthurs, is a third generation wine maker with a passion for producing fabulous wine at an affordable price.

In 1965, the Arthurs’ family opened Ontario’s first store, Wine-Art, catering to winemakers seeking quality supplies for making wine at home. The business grew over the years into the world’s largest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer supplying discriminating wine and beer makers around the world. The business was sold in 2008. After a short break, the Arthurs’ family returned to the wine making business.

  • At Markham Heritage Wines, you’ll find:
  • Ample free parking
  • Hands off bottle washer that will sterilize your bottles.
  • Automatic bottle fillers and corkers
  • Custom label design and printing
  • Heat shrink machines to apply your chosen colour of seal closures
  • Knowledgeable wine experts

Crafting your own wines is easy, fun and very affordable…and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Our quality juices and concentrates come from top wine making areas around the world – California, Italy, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and more. If you enjoy drinking a particular commercial wine, we can help you make a very similar wine at less than half the price!

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