Welcome to Markham Heritage Wines in beautiful Markham, ON.

Markham Heritage Wines is located at 15 Heritage Rd., Unit 1 & 2 in Markham, Ontario. It has been open since 1993. The owner, Jennifer Arthurs, is a third generation wine maker with a passion for producing fabulous wine at an affordable price.

In 1965, the Arthurs’ family opened Ontario’s first store, Wine-Art, catering to winemakers seeking quality supplies for making wine at home. The business grew over the years into the world’s largest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer supplying discriminating wine and beer makers around the world. The business was sold in 2008. After a short break, the Arthurs’ family returned to the wine making business.

At Markham Heritage Wines, you’ll find ample free parking, friendly and helpful wine experts, and a clean and modern state-of-the-art on-premise winery.

Crafting your own wines is easy, fun and very affordable…and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Our quality juices and concentrates come from top wine making areas around the world – California, Italy, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and more. If you enjoy drinking a particular commercial wine, we can help you make a very similar wine at less than half the price!

The Winemaking Experience: What’s Involved?

Crafting your own wines is easy, fun and very affordable…and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

At Markham Heritage Wines, you’ll find ample free parking, friendly and helpful wine experts (we’re all family here), and a clean and modern state-of-the-art on-premise winery. On-premise winery services mean that unlike traditional home winemaking where you need to purchase and carry home a set of equipment and a wine kit (we can help with that, too, if you prefer), you can now make your wine/s right in our store.

Once you’ve chosen the wine/s you’d like to make, we’ll get the mixture ready for you to add the winery grade yeast, which will begin the fermentation process.

After you leave, we will store your batch and monitor it carefully, performing all necessary steps including filtering it for clarity just before bottling time, usually about one month later. You come back in when it’s time to bottle and use our convenient automatic washing and bottling stations, which takes approximately 1/2 hour per batch…we even include bottle labels and matching shrink tops in the package. Now available: personalized labels!

You’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make your own wine! In as little as four weeks you will have 30 bottles of delicious, commercial-quality wine for a fraction of the price. 30 bottles may sound like a lot, however our observations over the years show that new winemakers generally go through the following:

  • Surprise that 30 bottles of wine can be made so easily and so inexpensively.
  • Pondering if 30 bottles of wine may be too much wine.
  • Deciding to try it and getting started.
  • Being highly impressed by the results of the first batch of wine.
  • Realizing that 30 bottles of wine are not enough wine and putting on a second batch.
  • Becoming an avid winemaking enthusiast and convincing friends to follow suit.
  • Friends following suit and joining in to make batches of their own.
  • No longer having to give away most of the wine to friends!

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*NOTE: Markham Heritage Wines is owned by Mike and John Arthurs, whom Canadian winemakers may remember as the former owners of both Wine-Art and Wine Kitz (see our Announcement for details).

A Note From Jenn:

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to meeting you in-store and helping you make your favourite wines. We often introduce new kits from around the world, so stay tuned!

We thank all of our customers – old and new – for your support, and for helping us with our goal of making Markham Heritage Wines THE winemaking destination in York Region.

Please drop in and say hello, and put on a batch today!

~ Jennifer Arthurs

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