Designing your Custom MacDay Label at Home

(included in the price of all of our regular packages)

Download FREE label design software

You can design the label you want by downloading our FREE design software, saving the label and e-mailing it to the store to print. That way when you are ready to bottle your wine, all you need to do is come by and pick up your labels. It's that simple.

Please click on the link to start the software download Lasting Impressions Designer or if you are having difficulty clicking on the link, copy and paste this URL into your browser.

OR if your antivirus prevents opening exe files use

Open the program and click your way through the prompts until the program opens.

Click Create Label icon and choose the label background you wish to use for your wine.

Design your personalized printing using the icons and Help menu to take advantage of the many fun software features. You can use any font you like but note, thin swirly fonts do not print well in small point size. Photos do NOT print properly with these labels. Black and white clip art images do print well from .bmp or .jpg file formats from the Lasting Impressions catalog or from your own file location. (NOTE: .jpg clip art images show on the design screen with a white background but become transparent when labels are printed.

Save your label by clicking on the Save As icon in the top tool bar. Please name them using your last name and the label number (ie. Smith 72C, Jones 28, etc.)

To reopen your label for further editing, click on Open Label and select your label.

Print - When you are satisfied with your label and want to send it to us for printing, you will find your saved template in My Documents/MacDay Label Systems/Customers folder. Simply attach this file to an e-mail and send it to us at Please include in the e-mail, your name, the number of labels you would like printed and a contact number in case we need to get in touch with you for any reason. You can also save your file to a memory stick and bring it into the store as well whichever is easier for you.

For full colour custom labels ($16.99 +tax for a set of 30 labels), please contact us directly.