Wedding and Special Events

Making your own wine is the perfect way to save money on your wedding or special event.

You are able to select your size of bottle, create your own personalized label, and choose a matching shrink seal colour to create the perfect custom gift.

If you plan to serve your wine, you may require a Special Occasion Permit from your local LCBO permit issuing store. Contact us if you require any assistance.


*** All of these prices include 23L of wine, 30-750mL empty bottles, corks, personalized MacDay labels, shrink seals, and taxes**

  • Light to Medium Bodied Wines: $129
  • Medium Bodied Wines: $149
  • Premium Wines: $169
  • Elite Wines: $209

** Add $20 for 60-375mL bottles**

** Add $16.99 +tax for 30 custom full colour or vintage style labels**